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Version 0.7
« on: 2016-February-08 01:10:50 am »
Hi. I'm pleased to announce the availability of Visualino 0.7. This time it took less time as intended. This version comes with some bug fixes and some new features. From the changelog:

  • Blocks for typed variables.
  • Block for serial.parseInt().
  • Block for millis().
  • Zoom in/out.
  • Add support for Arduino Duemilanove.
  • Add fields to setup LCD pins.
  • Fix problem with && operator in functions.
  • Blockly: Fix issue with xml.childNodes returning twice one element.

Packages are available for Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), Mac and Windows in

This is also the first official release for Raspberry Pi 2 (problems has been reported with Raspberry Pi 1, in investigation).

Thanks and credits to the people who reported issues and feature requests: Daniel Torres, agrgal, leonardo.pech and rlmoreno.

Please, report any problem you find. Enjoy!
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