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Version 0.6
« on: 2015-December-13 08:19:47 pm »
Hi. I'm pleased to announce the availability of Visualino 0.6. This is the first release since 0.5 in April, it took long! I hope future releases can be done in less time. This version comes with many goodies. From the changelog:
  • Update examples with setupLoop block.
  • Add setupLoop block.
  • Update roboblocks (do/while).
  • Fix #15: Delete key in Mac makes the environment to disappear.
  • Smaller inline block images.
  • Update contributors.
  • Polish translation.
  • Russian translation.
  • Assign colors to block menus.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Polish UI translation.
  • Warning for unsaved changes.
Packages are available for Linux, Mac and Windows in Downloads. Please, report any problem with the current packages. Enjoy!