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General Discussion / Re: Visualino project, Roboblocks, forum
« on: 2015-November-25 12:43:15 pm »
Absolutely necessary. There is no syntactic equivalent to "do while/until()" loop.

Ok, I'll add it :)

Keyboard operations should stay unchanged, But I prefer deleting operation with mouse like there: - try Hour of Code with Angry Birds or else, you will see that dragging block back into library unhide trashcan under the block palette. Context menu can be the second option. So, block code surface will be free from trashcan - this is what I suggest.

I'll take a look to, but anyway, I don't know how hard would be to change Google Blockly to do that.

Should I attach "visualino_pl-pl.qm" file to Visualino's github project?

It is already added: Will be available in the next release.

I suggest next step improving larger projects edition: vertical mouse scrolling of block's window content and it's synchronisation with C-code window view. Maybe not easy to implement.

Yeah, I'm not very familiar with the internals of Google Blockly. They have added some interesting features to the recent versions, but Visualino uses bq's fork of Blockly and its Roboblocks. It can be hard to keep them synchronized.

By the way, our friends at bq have created a shiny new block engine to program Arduino, which maybe easier to work with, I don't know. I need to take a look to it.

Foro general - Español / Crear nuevos bloques
« on: 2015-November-19 01:57:09 pm »
He recibido un correo que contesto por aquí.

¿Quieres decir que para añadir bloques hay que hacerlo primero en la rama de Roboblocks que mantienes en Github?

Sí, efectivamente. Los bloques están allí, y luego se "compila" ese proyecto. El roboblocks.js generado se copia al proyecto de Visualino. Quizás pueda hacer falta alguna pequeña modificación adicional, pero básicamente es así.

Para aclarar un poco más las cosas, la arquitectura de Visualino es la siguiente:

  • Google Blockly. Esta herramienta es la que permite la programación por bloques y genera código en C/C++. bq lo bifurcó e hizo algunas modificaciones. Para Visualino mantenemos también un proyecto derivado (básicamente para cambiar algunos colores y otros cambios cosméticos).
  • Roboblocks. Es el proyecto que añade los bloques especiales de Arduino.
  • Visualino. Este es el interfaz de usuario. Cuando abrimos Visualino, el programa muestra una vista web e interactúa con ella. Por ejemplo, obtiene el C++ generado en la vista HTML y lo envía al IDE de Arduino para compilar.

Así que para añadir bloques, lo mejor es comenzar por la documentación de Google Blockly, porque da una idea general de cómo funcionan los bloques. Pero como bq modificó Blockly, lo más directo es copiar y modificar los bloques existentes en Roboblocks según necesidades.

Éste es el código que añade el bloque setup() en Roboblocks para Visualino (todavía no publicado):

General Discussion / Visualino project, Roboblocks, forum
« on: 2015-October-31 12:54:59 am »
Andrew (AMOsPL) sent me an email, that I will answer here, as it may be useful to others :)

2. Forum registered me without typical handshake: email with link to complete registration process - this is your accept meanwhile or hole in security?

I begun with relaxed security and has been (learning the bad way how to) improve it. Now it requires email confirmation and admin approval.

1. My knowledge of Github is weak and I cannot use some of adavnced features because of my Windows XP systems. I translated some Roboblocks files to PL and my "pull of request" is waiting for acceptance now. But there is your branch of Roboblocks for Visualino on Github as separate way to include this subsystem into Visualino. Should I send changing proposals direct to you or wait for original Roboblocks project masters acceptance to integrate these?

Your pull request for Visualino was merged right away. The problem is that you forked the upstream Roboblocks project, that I have no direct control (I know the guys who run it)... I have sent them back the contributed translations. So it's better if you send them directly to my branch, as I can directly merge the code.

2. In my knowledge Original Blockly has no do-While statement and, as I see, Roboblocks project copies its features 1 to 1. So, this looks like purity over usability. Lack of do-While/Until loop is essential for creating effective source code, especially for Arduino. Am I wrong, misunderstood something, big lack of knowledge? Maybe I try to go too far and Roboblocks' contributors cannot accept this because of some other things unknown to me.

We can add whatever blocks we need on our Roboblocks branch, for example, I recently added a setup() block. Currently a while() block exists, do you think a do while() would be a good addition?

Second minor problem is my last dirty edit of this on Github which I cannot resolve using windows XP - searched and found help how to rollback commit but its serious problem to me how to execute it.

You may want to take a look here:

3. what is dist\roboblocks.min.js file and how to generate it?

A Roboblocks' build generates two files, a compressend and an uncompress file. To do that, you need to install Node.js, Bower and Grunt, which may not be an easy task in Windows XP, and then follow the instructions to build it in I can give you more specific details if you can install those in your setup.

1. do you plan to change Visualino that way it could open many simultaneous projects in many windows and using drag and drop method to move portions of blockly snippets for fast source build from tested blocks? or another way to achieve fast build from tested blockly libraries?

I don't know if Google Blockly is able to copy and paste from different Windows :-/

2. what about fast deleting feature dragging and dropping block into left vertical column - meaning: drop back to block's library? I saw this on one blockly page and i found this method faster than pulling something into trashcan in low right corner, apart of fact that trashcan consumes some place of editor.

It would be a little bit confusing, IMHO. I'm a keyboard person, and like to use Delete key to destroy blocks, and also right-clicking to open the context menu.

3. earlier question: is it plan to build and publish new Visualino version? I have some troubles to complete distribution Visualino pack for Windows using Visual Studio 2010 and QT 5.5

Sure, I will release 0.6 as soon as possible (you have a windows zip in /downloads/beta/, but did it quickly and not sure if it runs 100% fine). For that I wanted to finish adding support for a couple of new blocks (#include, global, execute), and do some bug fixing.

Foro general - Español / ¡Bienvenidos!
« on: 2015-October-15 06:23:14 pm »
¡Bienvenidos a los foros de Visualino! Aún los estoy terminando de configurar, pero ya se pueden utilizar.

Ante todo, ¡gracias por usar Visualino! Desde que comenzó el proyecto, la acogida ha sido magnífica. Recibo un flujo constante de correos electrónicos (y algún que otro WhatsApp) con preguntas acerca de Visualino. Hace tiempo que pensaba que al proyecto le hacía falta un buen canal de comunicación para la comunidad de usuarios. Así que, ¡aquí están los foros!

Como regla general, por favor, sean corteses con el resto de usuarios y no envíen mensajes publicitarios que no tengan nada que ver con los temas que tratamos :) He creado un número mínimo de temas que creo que cubren bien las necesidades actuales. Espero que les sean de utilidad y los usen sabiamente.


General Discussion / Welcome!
« on: 2015-October-15 06:06:07 pm »
Welcome to Visualino forums! I'm still setting up them, but should be usable by now.

First of all, thanks for using Visualino! The response has been awesome since the start of the project. I keep receiving a constant flow of emails with questions. But the project was missing a proper communication channel to build a community around it. So here are the forums!

As a general guideline, please be nice with others and don't spam :) I've created a minimum number of boards to fit current needs. Feel free to use them wisely!

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