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Title: New strings in Visualino 0.7
Post by: Víctor R. Ruiz on 2016-February-08 01:16:01 am
In ( you will find updated files. Now, the new strings are marked with a comment (// To translate). For eaxmple:

Code: [Select]
fr-FR.js:        LANG_ADVANCED_SERIAL_PARSEINT: 'Serial Read Integer', // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_ADVANCED_SERIAL_PARSEINT_TOOLTIP: 'First valid (long) integer number from the serial buffer', // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_CONTROLS_BASE_MILLIS: 'Time from start (ms)', // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_CONTROLS_BASE_MILLIS_TOOLTIP: 'Number of milliseconds since the program started (long integer)', // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_VARIABLES_TYPE_BYTE: 'Byte', // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_VARIABLES_TYPE_FLOAT: 'Float',  // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_VARIABLES_TYPE_INTEGER: 'Integer',  // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_VARIABLES_TYPE_INTEGER_LONG: 'Long Integer',  // To translate
fr-FR.js:        LANG_VARIABLES_TYPE_STRING: 'String',  // To translate

This way, they are easier to spot. However, in the medium term, I should take a look to a translation service to make it even easier.