Before you begin with Visualino: it requires Arduino 1.6 IDE. You need to it and install it. Visualino uses Arduino IDE to build and transfer programs to the Arduino boards. Versions below 1.4 are also supported, but the Arduino IDE splashscreen will appear when building your programs.

In a nutshell, these are the steps described below:

  • Setup the PPA.
  • Install the program.
  • Open Visualino.
  • Configure it.
  • Done!

Setup the PPA

Open the Ubuntu Software Center.

Now, click on "Edit > Software sources..."

Click on "Other software" tab, and then select the button "Add...". Now, type the PPA source address: ppa:vrruiz/visualino.

You will be asked to authenticate in order to change the settings and add the PPA as a source.

Install the program

In Ubuntu Software Center, search for "visualino".

Click on the program to see its description and then click on "Install".


Now open the Dash with either the mouse or typing Super + A keys. Then, search for "visualino" and select it to run the application.

You should be running Visualino. Congratulations!


Visualino has a settings dialog. There you can change some important settings that must be correctly defined in order to work correctly.

Settings: Arduino IDE Path

If you have installed the Arduino IDE using the Software Center or apt-get, you are probably running an old version. Current versions must be downloaded from the Arduino site and manually installed. To use this newer IDE versions with Visualino, you must set the Arduino IDE executable Path.

A very important setting is Arduino IDE program path. This the path to Arduino IDE executable that will be used to build and transfer your programs to the Arduino boards. If the file is not found, you won't be able to program your boards, so be careful.

You need to locate where you installed the Arduino IDE files. This will be something like /home/Your user name/bin/arduino-1.6/. Inside that directory, you need to select the arduino executable file.

Visualino is able to use previous versions of Arduino IDE. The only difference is that Arduino IDE splashscreen will be displayed when building your programs.


Now you should have everything in place and ready to tinker with Visualino. Enjoy!